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Tuesday - Saturday 8a - 6p, Sunday 8a-2p

Taylor Family Caesar Salad - $12

gem lettuce, radish, sourdough garlic crouton, white anchovy, pecorino, pepper

add chicken $6

Gigante Bean Salad  - $12

sugar snap peas, asparagus, radicchio, candied pistachio, pickled onion, preserved lemon chive dressing

add chicken $6

Soup of the Week - $8

seasonal flavor

Gooey Gobbler Sandwich - $12

sourdough oat bread, turkey breast, muenster cheese, creamy mustard, strawberry onion jam, dill pickles, gem lettuce

Flatbread Sandwich - $14

choice of spiced lamb or marinated mushroom, hummus, lots of mixed pickles & herbs

add both lamb & mushroom $5

Smoked Salmon Rillette Tartine - $14

brioche, lemon aioli, dill pickles, onion, arugula

The Breakfast Sandwich - $10

croissant bread, fluffy egg, Jarlsberg cheese, cream cheese chive aioli, pickled onion

add sausage patty - $3

All Day Breakfast Plate - $12

maple fennel breakfast sausage patty, sourdough oat toast with butter & jam, two eggs your way, choice of rosti or fried potato

Very Thick French Toast - $10

brioche, maple sherry cippolini onion & jus, good butter

Quiche or Frittata - $12

seasonal flavor, simple salad

Coconut Curried Cauliflower - $14

sesame rice, dried currant, herbs

Chicken Liver Mousse Dirty Farro - $14

jammy egg, giardiniera, hot sauce, parsley

Bacon Fat Confit Quarter Chicken - $24

chicken demi, panzanella salad


Tuesday - Saturday 8a - 6p, Sunday 8a-2p

Canelés (can-nuh-LAY) - $4

black elderflower cordial-infused

Cinnamon Roll - $5

lemon cream cheese frosting


sumac lemon crinkle (gf) - $3

toasted buckwheat, dark chocolate & cocoa nib - $4

coffee-soaked tart cherry, toffee, milk & dark chocolate $4

Savory Croissants

poached asparagus, herby ufra chili cream, shaved parmesan - $9

white bean garlic scape hummus, feta, lemon&herb tossed kale - $9

Sweet Croissants

PB&J bostock, strawberry soak, toasted oat rhubarb frangipane, peanut butter crème pâtissière $9

pain au chocolat filled with yuzu cream - $8

sourdough croissant $5

with shaved, cold, salted butter & seasonal jam, $7


Saturday - Sunday 8a - 2p

Yogurt Parfait - $8

granola, seasonal fruit, honey

Soft scrambled eggs and sherry glazed mushrooms - $12

pecorino, garlic breadcrumbs, herbs

Turkish Poached Eggs in Herbed Creme Fraiche - $12

milkbread, spiced butter, herbs

Oatmeal - $10

seasonal berries, oat crisp, maple

Skillet Breakfast - $14

sausage crumble, egg, potato, onion, sumac crema

Fried Cheesy Polenta Cake - $12

sunny egg, pimento cheese, bread & butter pickle

Loaded Biscuit Bowl - $12

sunny egg, pickle gravy, pickled onion, scallion

Two Fluffy Pancakes - $12

choice of syrup or seasonal jam, cultured butter

add sausage patty - $4


Thursday - Saturday 5p - 10p

Herbed Gournay Cheese & Pepper Jelly - $10

polenta fries

Octopus Terrine - $18

poblano crema, fennel, strawberry

An Asparagus Love Story - $14

asparagus relish, pickled egg sauce gribiche, breadcrumbs

Greens & Grains Bowl - $15

farro, braised kale, almond cream, garlic chips, olives

Stuffed Dish of the Week - $20

pastry with pork belly and root vegetables, simple salad, piccalilly

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Steak - $24

chickpea & sweet potato tagine, chermoulah

Prince Edward Island Mussels in Dashi Broth - $26

ginger, fennel, scallion, with baguette & sesame sauce

A Better Way to Eat Pork Belly - $30

shredded and pressed pork belly, creamed corn, marinated corn


Tuesday - Saturday 8a - 6p, Sunday 8a-2p


Scarpetta Prosecco
Elk Cove Pinot Gris
Brown Estate Chardonnay
Dandelion Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc
José Maria da Fonseca Vihno Verde
Chéreau Carré Muscadet
BioKult Zweigelt Rosé
O.P.P. Pinot Noir
Poggio Anima Nero d’Avola
Skyfall Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
El Maestro Sierra Sherry
Destilerías Acha Fortified Vermouth
Cocchi Vermouth di Torino


Seasonal Daiquiri

rum blend, rhubarb syrup, rhubarb cappelletti, lemon, lime

Espresso Old Fashioned
bourbon, espresso, brown sugar simple, chocolate bitters


Mama Bear
mezcal, strawberry mint syrup, cappelletti, lime, mint

Not So Fancy
vodka, Diet Coke, espresso, lemon

The Hot Air Balloon Martini
gin or vodka, vermouth, orange bitters, fortified sherry

Raspberry Gin Spritz
gin, raspberry, vermouth, lemon simple, soda water

A Lovely Walk In The Park Spritz
apertivo mazzura, vino vermouth, prosecco



Barrel Craft Bourbon
Backbone Rye
Bank Note 5 Year Blended Scotch
Cimarrón Blanco Tequila
ArteNOM Añejo Tequila
Los Nahueles Mezcal
Body Vodka
Square One Vodka
Hayman's Citrus Gin
8th Day Navy Strength Gin
Tso’ok Rum
Panamá-Pacific 9 Year
8th Day Chartreuse
Paolo Lazzaroni & Figli Amaretto


Beer & Cider

On Tap:

Guggman Haus Great Day IPA - $7

Three Floyd's Gumball Head - $7

Modelo- $6


Old Style - $3.5

18th Street Candi Crushable - $6

Coors Banquet - $5

N*A Offerings

Mint Cooler
snap pea, mint simple, lemon, pomelo, soda water

Lemon Shake Up
lemon, spicy simple, dandelion, herbs

Spiced Hibiscus Sour
herbal tea, orange, egg white, warm spices

Coffee & Tea

Drip coffee - $3
- $

Single Origin Espresso - $3.50 

Latte - $5.50
Vanilla Latte
- $6.50
- $6.50
- $4.50
- $4

Cold Brew - $6

Black Tea (hot or iced)
Green Tea (hot or iced)

Chai Tea (hot or iced)
Matcha (hot or iced)


Carbonated & Sweet


Mexican Coke


Strawberry Basil Crossroads Kombucha

Soda Water

Tonic Water

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