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About Us

Our mission is to create food and goods that we love to eat. We will provide a welcoming space for all of our guests to enhance experiences and build relationships. We will establish an equitable and stimulating workplace, while ensuring all staff have a dependable living wage, access to health insurance, and profit sharing.

Borage is not native to the states, but is one of the highest nectar producing blooms in a garden. Similarly, we are not from Speedway, but strive to become a cherished neighborhood hangout and a destination for the many out of town visitors.

Our food is inspired by our farm partners, whether in the form of produce, grains, or animal products. The very same seasonally available products that we will be working with daily will also be available in the market to bring into a home. 

We are fully committed to making our space accessible and inclusive. Every person is welcome as they are and we will not tolerate any form of discriminatory language or behavior. While we have made many efforts to provide an accessible and welcoming environment, we encourage any guest to contact us directly with any thoughts or comments to further that goal.


Tip sharing. Employer-paid health insurance.


Native plants.

Giving back. 

Chef Nicholas

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