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about us

Our Mission & Values


Our mission is to create food and goods that we love to eat and share with others in a community we are proud to be a part embrace.


By understanding that hospitality is about how a guest is made to feel, we will go beyond what is expected and be fully present.


We can and will create a vibrant and inclusive space for each and every person that steps inside our doors. 

Borage is not native to the United States, but it is one of the highest nectar producing blooms in a garden. Similarly, we are all not from Speedway, but we strive to become a cherished neighborhood hangout and a destination for the many out of town visitors.


We will do this by actively supporting a wide variety of non-profits and community groups in any way possible by hosting events or meetings, donating a percentage of sales on certain items, and participating in an assortment of fundraisers.

Our Focus

Native Indiana Plants

You might notice that our landscaping looks quite different than the typical lawn in the lovely neighborhood we have joined. By planting over 2,000 natives, we want to display the hardy beauty of Indiana flora and educate people about the countless positives of transitioning landscape from grass to native plants. As an added bonus, many of our farm partners either sell native plants or partner with someone that does. 

The Farmers & Artisans

Our food and beverage menus and market offerings are inspired by the ever-changing offerings from the farms we order directly from and the artisans that we are thrilled to feature. And in an attempt to eliminate the barrier in sourcing locally, the very same product we use is available in the market. Thanks to Arnold Farms, Becker Farms, Full Hand Farm, Mad Farmers Collective, and many more.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

We are fully committed to making our space accessible and inclusive. Every person is welcome as they are and we will not tolerate any form of discriminatory language or behavior. While we have made many efforts to provide an accessible and welcoming environment, we encourage any guest to contact us directly with any thoughts or comments to further that goal.

A Valued Team

We love our industry while also acknowledging the many flaws. We are hoping that by paying a dependable living wage, offering health insurance options, and sharing profits, we can showcase that a restaurant job can be more than a stepping stone or a transitional opportunity. 

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